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 Self Help CDs - Emotions Hypnotherapy to help master your feelings and emotions

In This Section:

  • Stop Being Angry - Put excessive anger in its place with this wonderful self hypnosis recording.
  • Stop Binge Eating - Is food ruling your life? Learn the strategies of naturally lean people to form a healthy relationship with food.
  • Stop Blushing - Three tracks to help you stop blushing, or at least significantly reduce the blushing response.
  • Overcome Childhood Abuse - Free yourself of painful events from the past and leave them behind you for good.
  • Ultimate Confidence - Do you want to feel more confident, and have more self esteem? This CD will show you how.
  • Heal that Heavy Heart - Helps you to get the weight of the world OFF your shoulders and feel better about yourself.
  • Overcome Grief - Let this CD guide you to release those painful emotions and embrace happiness once more.
  • Freedom from Jealousy - This self hypnosis and NLP recording gives you all the tools you need to overcome jealousy for good!
  • Stop Lying - Listen to this NLP/hypnosis suite of recordings to put an end to the horrors of compulsive lying.
  • Stop OCD - Overcome the restrictive patterns of obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) by listening to this powerful 4 track recording.
  • Stop Overeating - Bestselling title to help you stop overeating for good, stop eating when you are full, and eat a balanced diet
  • Stop Panic Attacks - Put an end to panic attacks for good.
  • Overcome Anxiety - A multi track recording that deals with all aspects of anxiety and combines both NLP and self hypnosis.
  • Overcome Fear of Childbirth  - Put the fear of childbirth behind you with this wonderful self hypnosis recording.
  • Overcome Food Phobia  - You can escape from fussy eating and food phobia .

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