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stop binge eating Stop binge eating Birmingham hypnotherapy and NLP help gastric band hypnosis

Stop Binge Eating with hypnosis and NLP

  • Can't stop binge eating?
  • Do you self-medicate with food?
  • Learn to handle your emotions
  • Will teach your mind to eat less   
  • Trance; story of a virtual gastric band  
  • Lose any excess weight easily now


Stop Binge Eating; Overcome your Binge Eating recording from £19

Self help Stop Binge Eating download - get it now

Stop binge eating is a multi track recording includes being guided to have a virtual binge with a trance to help delete cravings  

This recording stop binge eating by Birmingham hypnotherapy expert Debbie Williams uses a combination of NLP and hypnosis to help you overcome binge eating. By retraining yourself to eat like a lean, healthy, happy person, you can finally freedom around food and get on with your life—because bingeing and dieting is such a waste of time.

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Binge eating and reasons to binge eat

Did you know that the multimillion dollar diet industry has a success rate only of 2%? Naturally lean people eat differently: they eat when they are hungry. People who don’t have their strategy and are struggling with their weight can binge eat  when they are tired, upset, lonely, bored, excited, happy, ill, binge eaters binge to fill time or to avoid doing what they feel they should be doing.

Binge eating and bulimia

The only real difference between binge eating and bulimia is that the bulimic has a rule that they mustn’t go over a certain weight therefore they must eliminate food from their body as quickly as possible. The binge eater just gets fatter and ends up on the diet/binge roundabout as they try to control their weight. Sometimes things happen to us in life and we use food to help get us through—it can help us suppress anger and sadness. We’ve used food as a drug to numb how we feel—NLP will give you the tools to become emotionally mature with strategies to handle your feelings in a way that you learn and grow from them, whilst finding peace within.

What’s it costing to binge eat ?

What’s it costing you to eat the way you have been binge eating? That 4pm feeding frenzy, loss of control at when you’re eating out, habitual overeating, addictive eating, destructive emotional eating using food as a drug (i.e. eating when angry or upset, boredom). What’s it costing you to swallow your feelings with food? Write it down. How do you sabotage yourself? Do you get stuck in not eating very much but still remain overweight because of your binge eating?

How can I stop binge eating?

Stop binge eating recording will help you to overcome blockages in your way to becoming free from bingeing. All of the limiting beliefs, all of the stuff that has happened in your past has brought you here now. Maybe you think at times ‘I’m not good enough’. Each time you go into trance, it will be different. It will peel away the layers of negative thoughts and memories to free you for good. You learn to eat like a lean, healthy, happy person does, until the behaviour becomes automatic.

Stop binge eating uses your unconscious mind for a change and have a hypnotic binge instead of a real binge...

You’ll be guided through a hypnotic binge. Use this tool when you have an urge to binge eat and it will lead you right through the craving and out the other side. A client of mine asked me if she could use her imagination to pretend to have had a gastric band fitted and in trance I did just that. She chose to believe in trance that she really was unconscious and having the procedure and easily lost 4 stone. So sit yourself quietly with your eyes closed and let’s get started to tune into your body’s wisdom—you are using the untapped potential of your unconscious to heal.

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Stop binge eating our guarantee

In the unlikely event that you do not gain any useful, noticeable benefit by listening to this stop binge eating  recording, You have up to 60 days (very often, the benefits come much faster) we are happy to refund your money. It is that simple. So you have everything to gain by ordering your copy now.

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In the past I’ve weighed myself and because I’ve put on a 1lb I would have binged, but I stopped myself and thought, no today I can make a difference – and I re-did a plan to eat like a light healthy person does and had a good day. I’m letting go of 2-3lbs a week but its not dieting, it’s learning to enjoy my food and be at peace with it.
Jayne T
The gastric band story you talked about on the trance track has made me aware and has helped me to want to eat less, I lost 6lb the first week and 3lb the second week , I'm using the virtual binge track to get me through urges to binge and I feel really full after listening to the track an no longer want to have a binge at all Gemma  
The trance listened to last thing at night always results in me eating much less the following day so I'm motivated to listen to it every night now as it's working Mike
What you say makes so much common sense I'm committed to learning to do what lean healthy happy people do so that I can enjoy my food and my life without the obsessions, food is becoming less important and I'm feeling more relaxed and losing weight too. Sian
Debbie, I bought your mp3 of stop binge eating about 6 weeks ago and although I have had a few hitches due to extreme stress but I am being persistant, listening to your recording at least once if not twice a day I do honestly feel more positive that I can do this. This is after having counselling and regressing once again. Thank you, Amy

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Click here or above to read more about Debbie's 'Lean for Life' recording.
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