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Hypnotherapy & NLP Testimonials For Birmingham Hypnotherapist Debbie Williams

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Debbie Williams is a skilled and effective NLP trainer and hypnotherapist with an amazing sense of humour and great compassion.
Paul McKenna.
As a producer, writer and composer I come across a lot of hypnosis products, few of which are as good as Debbie Williams’ work. Her CDs are of the highest standard, with an excellent and intricate use of hypnotic language as well as a great vocal delivery that only comes from someone who is highly skilled in the fields of NLP and Hypnosis.
Nick Kemp—
I first met Debbie Williams in a NLP Master Practitioner seminar, where she was working as an assistant for Dr Richard Bandler. One day, during the training, she demonstrated her skill in hypnotic language patterns. To be frank, her adeptness and subtlety really knocked me out. I mean, REALLY knocked me out. Debbie is one of the best hypnotists and Neuro-Linguistic Programmers I know. And I know quite a few.  Matthew Wingett, Editor, NLP LIFE Magazine.
Debbie is a highly skilled practicing hypnotherapist. I totally recommend her excellent recordings that contain a vast range of knowledge and usable tools drawn from her many years of experience working with clients. They just work.  Steve Tromans, Founder of No 1 Harley Street.
I still listen to the CDs you gave me and the special one you did just for me almost every day.  ZW.
Thank you Debbie for helping me throughout the hard times, and for continuing to help me when needed. You're like a breath of fresh air, and you always seem to motivate me. I've become a better person for knowing you, and I've changed for the better. Thank you!  Fereshteh Hosseini 

Anorexia Client

Debbie worked with Kelly to overcome her anorexia and to help her to want to learn to eat as a lean, healthy happy person does.
Kelly started to feel comfortable allowing weight to go on and she was able to see herself as she really was as well as gaining skills to handle emotions and people, gaining confidence along the way.

Self help recordings Debbie used to support her included ‘Stop anorexia’, ‘Lean for life’ and ’Ultimate confidence

Hi Debbie,
My appointment on 27th feb I don't think I need it as I'm doing really well and the weight is now going on a lot of it is due to your help. If I struggle or have a set back do you mind if I contact you.
I just want to thank you for all your help I wouldn't be where I am without you. Kelly Price xxxx
Plus Kelly's previous email :
Hi ya,
Just to let you know everything is going so well for me at the moment - cannot believe it. Kind regards, Kelly xxxx

Another Anorexia client Leah, message from her father:

Hi Debbie. Just thought I'd let you know that leah has put on 7lb in weight since we came to see you. And life is great for us all now. Thank you dave. X

Have a look at the youtube channel Debbie Williams NLP and you will see many more positive feedback reports.

"Highly recommend Debbie. Loads of experience is creating empowering success for herself and many others, Inspirational" Moss Westwood, Visiting Trainer and Course Designer at EMIC Bahrain.

From people who used the Spontaneous Remission from Dis-ease recording . . .

I love your recording it has made such a difference to me , it really has lifted the world of my shoulders thank you. Jeanette
I downloaded your recording and did a copy for my dad who has been diagnosed with cancer, he has been listening to it and has come out of his shell and is much more optimistic about the future I cant thank you enough. Laura
Your recordings have saved my life Thank You. Melanie
From someone who used the Overcome fear of Public Speaking recording . . .
I couldn't believe how well it went, everyone knew how nervous I can be yet I had comments later ‘where did that powerful voice come from’’ and ‘That was brilliant’ and another who asked had I had stage training Thank you Debbie T.K.
From people who used the Stop Cocaine Abuse recording . . .
I haven't had any cocaine and when I do think about it I feel I have a team inside my head helping me to say no, I feel strong and know I can do this. D.W.
Can I cancel the next session please as its my third but I don’t feel I need it. I've been doing the exercises on the recording and I just don’t want any and by the way I’ve stopped smoking also and booked a holiday and other times for mini breaks in the future to look forward to with my family. You've saved my life and my marriage and helped me with my business. Adrian C.

I'm sure you get hundreds of messages of thanks, but I just wanted to email to say a big thank you for turning my life around.

I bought your 'Stop Panic Attacks' download from the website only a few days ago.  Listening made me realise that I was in a negative spiral, just focusing on all the panic attacks I had in the past and expecting them to happen again. It got so bad I was admitted to hospital a few weeks ago with a suspected heart attack. It turns out it was just anxiety.

I have listened to the whole CD several times and each time the benefits increase. I can now leave the house for the first time in weeks, sleep, work, and enjoy being with my children. I am feeling really positive and already feeling able to cope with anything. I shall continue to play the trance bit every night as I feel a boost when I wake up.

A very Big Thanks !!!!   Mrs Pollock  (mum from Manchester)

I have purchased a few of your recordings and they have helped me enormously - thank you so much. Take care, C  x

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