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How To Be Lean For Life NLP and Hypnosis Course

 'How to be Lean For Life' Course in Birmingham 

Banish binge eating and lose weight by enjoying eating healthily, you can overcome emotional eating enjoying the journey to leanness; Cost £97 early bird £69 

Register below 'How to be lean for life'' NLP & hypnosis course

Do you want to lose the excess weight forever? or to stop binge eating? Then why not ditch that diet and use a method that really works! This 4-week course,  held in Birmingham, will give you all the strategies for how to be lean for life . Learn to eat like a lean healthy happy person does. Helping you to lose weight easily banishing binge eating and have fun while you’re doing it. And this time results will be permanent.

  • ELIMINATE addictions by using the powerful URGE CRUNCHER technique.
  • DECREASE your craving for chocolate, crisps, cakes and other foods. 
  • INCREASE your desire for healthy foods.
  • EXPERIENCE a Lean Person strategy
  • LEARN how to be lean for life
  • PREVENT disease and naturally build optimum health.  

Birmingham NLP and Hypnosis with Debbie Williams;

Find freedom from food issues forever!

This 4-week course does something that no other slimming club or organisation does: it uses hypnosis to change the way you feel about food on an unconscious level. Debbie Williams will use hypnosis to re-pattern your thoughts and attitudes towards food so that you can take control and make lifestyle changes that are easy and permanent All the time learning how to be lean for life.

Q1. How to be lean for life course, I have no willpower! Will it work for me?

A. Yes. With NLP, hypnosis and Debbie Williams If you commit to the course you will find it a lot easier than anything you may have experienced before .

2. Can I use this how to be lean course with my regular slimming club?

A. Yes. We are changing your way of viewing food at an unconscious level. What you eat is up to you. This is something that no other club or organisation, other than Paul McKenna, does.Learning how to be lean and how to be healthy is part of this course/

Q3. I have a medical condition. Should I see my doctor before attending this course?

A. Yes, with any weight loss course it is recommended that you consult your doctor.

Q4. Is this how to be lean course similar to Paul McKenna’s course?

A. Yes. Many of the elements differ, but the end result is the same. We re-pattern your thoughts and attitudes towards food so that you take control and make lifestyle changes that are easy and permanent. Similar to Paul McKenna’s approach.

The Lean for Life Course

will support you as you change your behaviour and:

  • Take on new, more positive beliefs about yourself.
  • Study health, learning from those who live the longest, healthiest lives.
  • Discover what top nutritionists have to say.
  • Eliminate addictions to foods like chocolate and pizza.
  • Find out what to do to help yourself—as well as learning some amazing facts along the way!
  • Have fun with belly dance moves as you start to tone up those troublesome tummy muscles.
  • Learn to enjoy exercise so that you are motivated to get moving!
  • Plan for success and enjoy the journey... Stay on track easily and achieve your goals.

 How to be lean for life with Debbie Williams ;

The science of weight loss

When hypnosis is used instead of self-management, weight loss increases over a 3-month period. The discovery was made during a study of 45 women in 1989.

It’s easy enough to lose weight, but reaching your target and maintaining your ideal weight is much more difficult.  Learning how to be lean for life is a much better goal to aim for.

A study of more than 100 women aged between 17 and 67 found that, when half the group was subjected to hypnosis, they continued to hit their weight loss targets after two years. Both the hypnosis group and the non-hypnosis group showed a significant weight change over the course of the study, but only those who used hypnosis continued to lose a significant amount of weight.

How to be lean for life, Studies show hypnosis works

Another study highlights the massive difference that hypnosis can make. When 60 women took part in an experiment in 1986, researchers found that those who were hypnotised lost 17 pounds; the non-hypnosis group lost just half a pound!

If you’ve ever wondered why hypnosis works, a paper published in the Australian Journal of Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis in 1995 has some answers. Researchers concluded that hypnotherapy was effective because it challenged faulty beliefs about food, identified triggers to over-eating and binge eating, and helped control those triggers.

Tapes and CDs have also been found to be a huge benefit to weight loss, but even then many don't teach how to be lean for life. A 1985 study found that people who are taught to use self-hypnosis through recordings performed better than those who were not.

Finally, weight problems are often associated with low self-esteem. What a 1995 study published in the International Journal of Psychiatric Nursing Research found was that hypnosis is effective at tackling this particular root of the problem.

Visit also Debbie's you tube channel for lots of helpful videos onhow to be lean, lose weight and binge eating:

Experience a weight loss trance ;

“For the first time in years, effective long-term weight loss feels achievable. I know that meeting you and taking part in the course has helped me to reach my decision to go for it.”
Carol - Weight loss course participant

“The plan is simple and easy to stay on track. I’m doing the second weight loss course with Debbie. I’m so motivated now as so many positive changes have happened. Thank you.”
Jayne T

“I’ve been a regular at Weight Watchers and for the first time in those 40 years this last month I’ve felt freedom around food. I went out recently with my daughter and had a wonderful toasted tea cake with lashings of butter, I thoroughly enjoyed every delicious mouthful with no guilt. Debbie’s right: it filled me up for hours with a warm glow. It was very rewarding and totally satisfying to have what I really wanted and not to have to deny myself anymore. I totally feel the concept of what Debbie has taught me. It makes so much sense—and I’ve lost 11lbs this month and I love what I’m doing!”
J Davis

One Day Course 


Sat 3rd March

Location: Sutton Coldfield 

Cost:  £97 
10am -430pm

Trainer: Debbie Williams

To register your interest and to claim your early bird special price or for further queries please fill in the form at the bottom of the page.

How To Be Lean For life,  Register Your Interest For The Weight Loss Course

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