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  • FREE  Healing Hypnosis to Help You Relax and Lift Stress
  • Gives Back Hope Whilst Planting Seeds of Miracles Occuring 
  • Miraculous Recoveries Linked to This FREE Recording
  • Helps You to Feel, Think and Be Positive and Optimistic
  • Releasing Negative Emotions and Feel Calmer 
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Debbie is one of a kind ! Her Spontaneous Remission technique helped my husband in getting motivated to eat healthy, which enabled him to overcome his diabetes related symptoms and took his blood sugar from 19.7 to 6.3 in less than a month
Thank you Debbie
S. Banian
"As a producer, writer and composer I come across a lot of hypnosis products, few of which are as good as Debbie William's work. Her CDs are of the highest standard, with an excellent and intricate use of hypnotic language as well as a great vocal delivery that only comes from someone who is highly skilled in the fields of NLP and Hypnosis."        Nick Kemp -
Just listened to your download. It's fab. I loved it. Feel light and as if something has shifted within...don't know what yet. Particularly loved the dissolving into solutions, colourful and creative solutions, part!  Nicola Walker Trainer & Coach
“I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Debbie for a very long time and in that times she never fails to make me smile. She has the perfect combination of enthusiasm, dynamism and sheer talent and skill. If you have a problem you need fixing or help with an area of your life, then Debbie is the person to help you - her hypnotherapy work is some of the best I've ever come across and she does it with such heart.”   Michelle Allen (nee Loughney) Manager McKenna Breen
Debbie's CDs have helped me get my life back on track. Matthew Ward (aged 24)
Hello Debbie:
Some weeks ago, I emailed you for some assistance regarding a chronic facial tic of mine and you sent me a link to download your free self-hypnosis video on spontaneous remission. I am glad that I did because each night (when everyone's asleep and I'm free from distractions) I listened to your voice in my room with my eyes closed, I feel a calm come over me and that calm would sometimes carry me through the following day when I wake up. The facial tics are still there underneath the surface threatening to come back and would get stronger as night approaches. But at least, I would get the tics under control for a few hours each day without a great deal of effort. I know that the journey to heal has just begun and I'm trying each night to train my own cells to regenerate better with fewer memories of the facial tics. Your voice recording is the only thing that has helped me all these years and I wished that I had access to that long ago, so I thank you for this breakthrough after years of suffering. If there is anything else you can suggest to help me in my journey please let know.
Toronto, Canada

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I owe a huge debt of gratitude to my teachers and mentors Dr Richard Bandler (co-founder of NLP)  Paul McKenna and Anthony Robbins whom I've assisted and learned from since 1993 - without them this recording would not be possible''

Debbie Williams

Please note this recording does not claim to result in a 'cure'. It is recommended you always consult your Medical Doctor.

The healing hypnosis recording uses hypnotic language to help lift stress and plant suggestions of the possibility of miracles happening by training the mind to see things from a different perspective. With repeated listening of the healing hypnosis it can help the mind to feel more positive whilst  looking for possible, do able practical solutions to make life easier to cope with in spite of the circumstances. 

Spontaneous Remission

This is a photo Debbie had developed after she had re-painted her mothers bathroom whilst waiting to see if she was going to come out of a coma. Dr's said she would be a vegetable as the amount of fits she had would leave her brain damaged. She went on to have a full recovery and lived another 6 years, 5 of those in really good health.

You can watch Debbie's video about this Just over here 

I love your recording it has made such a difference to me , it really has lifted the world of my shoulders thank you. Jeanette
I downloaded your recording and did a copy for my dad who has been diagnosed with cancer, he has been listening to it and has come out of his shell and is much more optimistic about the future I cant thank you enough. Laura
Your recordings have saved my life Thank You. Melanie

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Who says we are not guided?

Debbies Guardian Angel

I was shocked when I looked at this photo taken recently on a family holiday in Turkey as it looks like we have a guardian angel looking after us. It is actually a large umbrella with a light behind it in the next restaurant.

"Hi Debbie,
Thank you for your newsletter today, its great, it really puts things in to perspective! I am so grateful to have stumbled across your website, you have helped me along a path that I had very little hope on. Thank you for helping!
Forever grateful."

"Hi Debbie,
I just ran into your video yesterday and downloaded the spontaneous remission audio and played it before bedtime. It was so beautiful and intense, that I barely know what happened. I found myself shivering, and crying (almost) as it was playing. The state of trance and relaxation was so intense I could not control the shivering and the feeling inside. It was overwhelming. I never experienced anything of the sort. Yet i could not move voluntarily or do anything, as the feeling of release of tensions and negativity was so strong I could not resist, nor did I want to. The tears and the shocks I felt through my chest and body were something so releasing and a liberation really. Is this a normal response? Because I sure had a blissful experience. I would love to do more. What are the next steps you suggest? Thanks, and keep up the grand work :)"

YouTube Commentator

Rosie Plunkett  Talking  about her brother coming out of a coma after 55 days and how Debbies recording helped her too.Watch her 2nd video.

''Doctors said they don't know why medically its (thyroid) back to normal and I honestly, honestly, honestly think that 90%, was that CD of yours.''    Patrick Stockhausen (Former TV presenter and NLP Trainer) Talks about his Thyroid problem and how he believes 'Spontaneous Remission' recording really helped.

Debbie talking about her grandfathers spontaneous remission from cancer.

Debbie and the fish on the mirror

More Testimonials..

"I first met Debbie Williams in an NLP Master Practitioner seminar, where she was working as an assistant for Dr Richard Bandler. One day, during the training,she demonstrated her skill in hypnotic language patterns. To be frank, her adeptness and subtlety really knocked me out ... Debbie is one of the best hypnotists and Neuro-Linguistic Programmers I know." Matthew Wingett, Editor of NLP Life Magazine
"I totally recommend Debbie Williams's excellent recordings that contain a vast range of knowledge and usable tools drawn from her many years of experience working with clients."
Steve Tromans, Just Be Well Clinic, No.1 Harley St London
Hello Debbie
I am writing to tell you that I have been listening to your free download Spontaneous Remission from Problems every day for six months and it has been amazing! I live in a ground floor flat in central London and was frustrated at not having a garden - so I decided to use what resources were available; I set up a community garden on an unused grade 2 listed site opposite my block. Getting a group together and overcoming red tape was very hard but listening to your download made the whole thing seem like a series of fun opportunities for creative problems solving. I've had such great feedback from people about my leadership and organisational skills and I've made lots of new acquaintances and friends. People who know me well have commented at how good I seem to have become at problem solving. So I feel a great sense of achievement. I can't thank you enough!   Valerie


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