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Constant Negative Obsessive or Repetitive Intrusive Thoughts?

Does Your Negative Thinking Hold You Back ?

Uninvited & Obtrusive Thoughts?

Negative Mind Chatter That Wont Shut Up? 

Constant Worrying? 

OCD & Compulsive Thinking?

Think You Are Not Good Enough?

Would You Like To Stop Those Thoughts & Master Your Own Mind?

Tame, Control & Process Those Thoughts To Be More Supportive, Positive & Helpful 

A special offer from Debbie Williams

Mastery of Your Own Mind Is Possible 

Your first step towards ending your battle with your mind once and for all

Firstly I want to thank you for taking the first step in your battle to master your own mind, those thoughts and worries can be overcome. Even reading this far shows commitment to overcoming your runaway thinking  and for that you should congratulate yourself.

And truthfully, if this has been a big issue for you then you may need more support than just one recording to finally overcome your battle with your mind and it's constant chatter..

This programme will help to harness the power of your mind for good. You can process those thoughts and change them with the help of Debbie Williams coaching you in this programme.

The reason sports people are successful is because they have coaches helping them to succeed. Let Debbie coach you to make this year your best yet.



Normally when I see clients one to one, it takes 2-4 sessions to help them get back on track. For other clients I sometimes see them up to as many as 10/12 sessions helping them unravel all the triggers to their particular problem as the issue has ‘infected’ many areas of their life, causing them much pain.

Clients often ask me for a CD that will destroy those negative thoughts and banish them from their mind once and for all, but it’s not quite as simple as that…

Yes, it's very easy to eliminate certain repetitive thoughts, but unless you retrain your brain to think differently you will find they may return.

We have to train ourselves to think differently about our thoughts and how we interpret them and for some it can take considerable time.

Thankfully, good hypnosis and NLP will make it much easier and I’ve personally helped hundreds of clients sort out their issues often within 2/3 sessions.

And I’d like to offer you the chance to experience this for yourself at a hugely discounted price…

I want to help you and support you in becoming a master of your own mind. It may not be easy but it will definitely be worth it!

I would like you to have a full set of NLP & hypnosis downloads to support you...

  1. Overcome Overwhelm ( one track trance recording which will help you to lift overwhelm from your life).  - Normally £15 as a download.
  2. Stop Panic attacks (5 tracks to help you overcome panic ) - Normally £19 as a download.
  3. Stop OCD (be free of those OCD thoughts and behaviours and think as healthy, happy people do) - Normally £19 as a download.
  4. Blitz Negative Thoughts Hypnosis trance to blitz those negative thoughts - Only available as part of this package. 
  5. Processing Emotions  (with strategies that will help you understand why you do what you do) - Normally £15 as a download.
  6. Wake Up Feeling Positive Does eactly what it says on the tin Only available as part of this package.
  7. Spontaneous Remission From any dis-ease ( plants seeds of miracles happening) - Normally £9 as a download.
  8. Stop stress (strategies to survive in today’s modern fast world) - Normally £19 as a download.
  9. Ultimate confidence (teaches you strategies og confidence) - Normally £19 as a download.
  10. More self esteem (does what is says) - Normally £19 as a download.
  11. Heal the heavy heart (lifts the weight of the world of your shoulders) - Normally £15 as a download.
  12. Overcoming anxiety (will help you to calm yourself and have mastery over your own mind) - Normally £19 as a download.

 All recordings aim to empower you and free you to connect back with who you really are, giving you the freedom to follow your dreams as you let go of your obsessional thoughts and harness the true positive power or your own mind.

You’ll also get lifetime access to a library of videos, which include...
  1. Stop paranoia, OCD & negative thoughts
  2. Obsessive thoughts and negative thinking tips to move on 
  3. Negative thoughts, how to stop those voices inside your head
  4. Changing your negative thoughts and scary mind movies 
  5. Hypnosis for sleep
  6. Wake up feeling positive hypnosis meditation
  7. OCD help for ages 11-18 ( strategies that will help you too ) 
  8. Focus and motivation
  9. 10 minute ‘law of attraction trance’ (focusing on creating miracles for yourself)
  10. From suicide attempt to happiness ( a personal story)
  11. How to be happy
  12. Happiness strategies
  13. Stay on track to success
  14. Why we sabotage ourselves and how to stop
  15. Stop worrying trance
  16. Help they want to kill themselves
  17. How to make a difficult decision
  18. Attracting miracles with 1 simple question
  19. How to say no without feeling guilty
  20. Reducing fear hypnosis to help release fear and anxiety 
  21. Undoing bad hypnotic suggestions 
  22. How do I listen to hypnosis?
  23. Critical harsh parent , how to let go
  24. How to overcome dizziness
  25. Using the power of geniuses to create your mastermind 
  26. How to handle criticism by using a cats arse
  27. Death of a loved one how to deal with it
  28. Nightmares how to stop them
…With many more in the works!

You can suggest titles and I will record them to support you.

All of these videos are the result of 20 years of working with clients and gaining positive results as well as previously my own journey of overcoming an eating disorder with the anxiety and stress that caused me, which are in the distant past of 18 years ago (I suffered for nearly 15 years before that and I often say to clients I wish I had someone like me to have helped me get well!).

A unique, limited-time opportunity

If you came to me one-to-one for the above would cost you upwards of £2000 and as my commitment to you I want to offer the lot for £99 as downloads, normally £297 much, much less than the cost of a session with me.

COSTS UP TO £2,000

TODAY £99..
   .. yes, just £99  

And on top of this you will receive my coaching email once a month helping you to stay on track with your goals. You will also receive the 30 days to stop worry EBook with lots of worksheets to help you to master your mind as a naturally healthy happy person does, leaving your problems behind you.

And to address your personal needs, I will record any videos you feel would support you (as I know it will help others too) or point you in the direction of an existing one.

This offer is time bound as I can only offer this support to a limited number of people and as you have purchased a recording from me, you have shown you are committed to helping yourself. I’m offering you this rare chance as I feel you are exactly the sort of person who will make the most of it. 

Your first step towards mastery of your own mind

TODAY £99..
   .. yes, just £99     

Just commit to buy now and let’s get you on track to mastery of your thoughts to become happier than you could ever have imagined!

Work with Debbie 
Book a double session with Debbie at her Birmingham practice £297 and get the package absolutely free

All the best,
P'S. Remember, this price offer is time bound, so buy now! It could be one of the most life-changing decisions you ever make…

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