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Anger managementstop anger help birmingham uk

Stop Being Angry hypnosis and NLP recording  

  • Can't control your temper?
  • Partner had enough of your anger?
  • Desperate to find a better way to feel?
  • You can with money back recording
  • Dissolve anger at the source
  • Stop being angry will help you

Stop Being Angry; Overcome your Being Angry recording from £19

stop anger help birmingham ukSelf help Stop Being Angry download - get it now

stop anger help birmingham ukYou will be able to overcome having adult tantrums and maybe even save your relationships, so people around you no longer have to walk on eggshells. More importantly you will feel empowered and able to deal with situations knowing you are now in control.

One of the UK's most experienced hypnotherapists, Debbie Williams uses...
NLP techniques, together with hypnosis, to break the chains of anger, to simply stop being so angry, and channel that explosive energy into creating a winning outcome and a successful life. This recording offers one of the most effective NLP strategies and a hypnotic trance to help to scratch the old outdated anger record and focus only on positive and beneficial goals.
The anger response is rarely appropriate these days

In the past, right back during caveman days, anger was vital for survival and for protection from danger. However, in the 21st century, the stress surrounding these ‘fight or flight’ responses can damage our body and mind unnecessarily. A temper eruption, just like a volcano, can destroy everything in its path when it is in full flow.

Clients have visited Debbie sometimes as a last resort. For example, husbands may desperately be seeking a solution as divorce is on the cards; the wife has had enough of years of walking on eggshells. Yet it is possible to stop being angry and to create happier relationships—and a much brighter future.

Listen to Stop Anger in comfort, in your own time

Debbie's recordings on each of the three tracks contain many of the tools which she uses in a private session; however, the added bonus with this recording is that you will be able to listen to it time and again in the comfort of your home. Repetition and listening over and over again until a more positive patterning is laid down, is the key to success. It will take a bit of time to gain mastery over the exercises, but like going to a gym, you will retrain your mind and gain the additional benefits. Besides greater calm, you will gain more energy and the ability to think better when under pressure. You will possibly experience a reduction of high blood pressure, fewer digestive upsets and more harmony all round.

Our guarantee

In the unlikely event that you do not gain any useful, noticeable benefit by listening to this recording, after having listened to it, you have up to 60 days (very often, the benefits come much faster) we are happy to refund your money. It is that simple. So you have everything to gain by ordering your copy now.

Interview nervesBuy your copy of Stop Being Angry now:

Anger had been a way of life for me, my family background and colleagues made it seem normal. My new girlfriend didn’t see it that way though, so I decided I had to change. Thanks to Debbie I see things differently now. Everything doesn't have to be black and white. It was simple, but it's helped me to be more patient, more casual about things and more relaxed. And it's great that I don't need to over-think everything like I used to. MC
I was on the point of losing everything, including my wife and my kids! My anger was off the scale and I knew if I couldn't find a way to take control my life would be over. I went to see Debbie Williams and she helped me to understand what was happening. Even after the first session I felt different; even my wife noticed. I was amazed at the changes Debbie brought about in me. I felt myself taking more and more control over my emotions and I learnt new techniques to manage areas in my life I found hard. When my worry surfaced about my anger returning to ruin everything again, Debbie gave me the confidence and the tools to know it never had to. I owe Debbie so much, for saving my marriage, letting me get close to my kids for the first time, and above all giving me back my life. Thank you Debbie.  Alan Wentworth
I knew I had to do something when at a family party I threw the barbecue into the swimming pool in front of everyone. What a prat, I'm succesful in business yet I couldn't stop myself doing this, It was over something so stupid, I was ashamed of myself, after I calmed down. With Debbie's help I have practiced over and over how I could of handled many situations where I had blown up in the past to teach my brain it has a choice. It does and I feel different, The wife has been testing me and I havn't lost it once, in fact I find it funny, I wish I'd of sorted this out years ago. The CD does basically what Deb did in a session and I have a copy just as my security blanket for the one exercise, but I havn't needed it although I do listen to the trance mainly because it gives me a good nights sleep. Graham 
My brother and sister know how to press my buttons, but not anymore as I don't respond to their taunts, which they keep coming back to try again and my brother starts to get very angry at me as he can't make me lose it. When I feel I've had enough revenge I will give him my copy as he needs it, but I'm actually enjoying watching him feeling the way he used to make me feel for years A.Singe

 Not quite sure what you did but amazingly I've been calm, wife and family have noticed so have work colleagues. D Timmins

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