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anxiety help cure and overcome those feelings with hypnotherapy Birmingham

Overcome Anxiety with effective hypnosis recording

  • You can tame uncomfortable feelings
  • Anxious when you want to be calm?
  • Does panic hold you back from life ?
  • Be in control now of your emotions
  • Feel optimistic about life again

Stop your Anxiety; Overcome Anxiety recording from £19

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Anxiety is a normal reaction to stress. However, sometimes anxiety becomes excessive and can take over your life. This CD can help you get your life back on track by just listening to the recording you will feel calmer and excessive anxiety will be dissolved from your life

Let your subconscious learn to let go of anxiety

The ability to overcome anxiety doesn't come naturally. If that was the case, none of us would ever suffer from it! This is good news for those of us who want to overcome anxiety. Anxiety stems from the negative impulses of your subconscious mind. The disciplines of hypnosis and NLP interact directly with your subconscious and so have the power to change it.

Positive influences

When you listen to this CD, your subconscious will be reprogrammed with positive influences; influences that will safely and naturally enable you to overcome anxiety, with minimal effort on your part. All you need to do is listen and absorb the subconscious suggestions from the recording and the problem will begin to dissolve.

Bright future beckons

There's a whole life waiting for you. Think back to the kind of life you led before you developed anxiety problems. That joy you once felt, the plans you once had for the future… they can be yours again. All you have to do is commit to overcome anxiety and listen to this CD regularly.

Our Guarantee

A full sixty day guarantee is provided for these recordings. Listen regularly for best results.

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Complementary therapy

These recordings are designed to complement traditional medicine, not replace it. If you have any doubts about your mental or physical health you should visit your doctor as soon as possible.

Debbie is one of the best hypnotists and Neuro-Linguistic Programmers I know. And I know quite a few.
Matthew Wingett, Editor, NLP LIFE Magazine
I have been using your strategies along with your CD to help me with my anxiety. I have been having some success with more good days than bad and it is getting better. Thank you. HM
I am feeling more calmer and I have some tools to help myself overcome this anxiety, the trance is very good and I always wake up feeling lighter

I've had problems with panic attacks and agoraphobia for the last few years.  I've tried a number of relaxation CD's and read countless articles but they always focus on the problem and could only take me so far. I approached Debbie as I wanted to move past that and break through the glass ceiling. Debbie's relaxed and friendly nature helped me focus on the solution and be clearer about a future without anxiety and full of confidence. I feel that the 1-2-1 time with Debbie and the guidance on the excellent CD's has helped give me the tools that I need to move myself on. Steve

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