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overcome fear of childbirthovercome fear of childbirth

Overcome Fear of Childbirth Ensuring a Special Delivery

  • Worried about giving birth?
  • Want it to be quick and pain-free ?
  • Learn to be calm during the delivery
  • Envision a healthy happy child
  • Fear stopping you having kids?
  • Help to have that Special Delivery

Stop your fear of childbirth; Overcome Fear of Childbirth recording from £19

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Debbie Williams is an NLP trainer and Hypnotherapist and on this multi track recording she is going to use a combination of NLP and hypnosis to help you rehearse having an easy, quick comfortable birth resulting in a healthy and happy child and also to overcome any fear of childbirth.

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Debbie too used to have this fear and put off having her first child until she was 42 years old, yet with using the many techniques she will teach here, she was able to have a home birth in 5 hours, 95% of the time pain free, which for a squeamish person like Debbie was an amazing achievement.

Track 1 – Intro for overcome fear of childbirth 

Debbie explains how she used these powerful NLP techniques and hypnosis with herself and others to enable a comfortable birth. She explains in our society today the way childbirth is portrayed in the media, it’s no wonder we become frightened she shows you how to change our associations to be free of the fear for good knowing that having a comfortable birth is achievable as you learn to relax and change what you focus on.

Track 2 Explains how NLP can help put pain to one side 

What is NLP – a more in depth explanation of what NLP is discovering that it’s like finding the owner’s manual for your mind and teaches you how you can retrain your thinking – by picking a mildly anxious association to childbirth; Debbie shows how you can perceive it differently in many ways like adjusting the controls on a TV.

Track 3 – Prep for NLP

A small amount of preparation for the following powerful NLP exercise to help you overcome your fears of childbirth also you will learn a strategy of being confident of an easy birth. Just like athletes see themselves winning we use your mind to programme in what you want and to delete for good from your mind what you used to fear.

Track 4 Wipe out those fears now 

This NLP-based exercise can be used over and over to wipe away any fears and worries linked to childbirth to rewire your thinking to feel more relaxed and optimistic of the joy of creating a new life.

Track 5 Relaxation to help for a comfortable delivery

This track is designed to be listened to just once as Debbie explains the words we use are like triggers which create certain feelings when we change or stop using those words and replace them with much less intense wording it will give you more control over how you feel.

Trance Track – Ensuring you mind is programmed now for a comfortable easy birth.

You can just listen to this first to learn – really learn to relax and let go as Debbie’s suggestions of an easy birth drops into your unconscious to ensure that can happen naturally. The more you listen the deeper the belief becomes as your mind not only accepts but knows that you are creating it in your imagination, to give your mind a map to follow, to enable it to happen the way you now experience it in your imagination as being easy, natural, quick – just like shelling peas.

Our Guarantee

In the unlikely event that you do not gain any useful, noticeable benefit by listening to this recording, after having listened for a period of up to 60 days (very often, the benefits come much faster) we are happy to refund your money. It is that simple. So you have everything to gain by ordering your copy now.

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Complementary Therapy

These recordings are designed to complement traditional medicine. If you have any doubts about your mental or physical health you should consult your doctor as soon as possible.

Through listening to your CD, I genuinely feel that it made the birth a much easier, quicker and more enjoyable experience. G.W.
Everyone was astounded when I had Jodie. I'm the sort of person who cries for four hours if I stub my toe. My mum came into the delivery suite and asked when I was going to have my baby. I'd already given birth, so I just pointed her in Jodie's direction. Debbie assured me that I'd have an easy, comfortable birth and I did. Tanya Tamms
I had hypnotherapy for childbirth when I was expecting my first child, I went into a labour & was amazed that it really didn't hurt at all, the midwife arrived & asked if I was sure I was in labour ‘cause I looked far too happy & was smiling far too much! Spent the rest of my 72hr labour completely relaxed! Sally Lea

I had 4 children PAIN FREE and no drugs to help the pain was all about relaxation etc it’s all MIND OVER MATTER. D.M.R.

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