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food cravings, addicted to food
food cravings, addicted to food

Overcome Food Phobia and restricted, freaky or fussy eating 

  • Fussy eater or phobic about foods
  • Worried about your health?
  • Friends laugh at your freaky eating?
  • Do you gag when you try to eat foods?
  • Think it’ll be tough to change?
  • Fed up of your restricted diet? 

Stop your fussy eating; Overcome Food Phobia recording from £19

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Stop your fussy eating, food phobias, restricted or picky eating with Overcome Food Phobia

Why not take this opportunity to break free from fussy eating and food phobias? Maybe you’ve been a fussy eater for years, or perhaps lack of variety in your diet has only recently started to become a worry. Either way, you’ll be surprised at how easy it can be to change for good.just listening to this self hypnosis CD will update the software in your mind to actually look forward to trying and enjoying adding new foods to your diet 

This recording can help you break free from your food phobias

This recording is the key that can unlock the door to freedom from fussy eating and food phobias. Think about it: we change all the time. You don’t wear the same clothes you wore 20 years ago and I expect your hair style is different too. This CD will use the power of your unconscious mind to make changes, easily and naturally, from the inside out.  

Change naturally and easily to add variety and enjoy it too

Get in touch with your true instincts once again. Learn to let your body’s natural wisdom guide you to enjoy the foods that will bring abundant health. Because change isn’t just about escaping from negative habits or situations – it’s about becoming who you really are. Put the food phobias firmly behind you and feel free to visit any restaurant of your choice and feel comfortable and confident around food. 

End food phobias and restrictive or picky eating

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I had one session with Debbie five years ago and we did some work on my food phobia. Since then I've been able to eat vegetables and have fruit in the house (I couldn't before). I've even prepared fruit puree for my baby and I can have fruit smoothies sometimes, so long as I don't have to see them. I know this sounds weird, but after the session I thought grass and leaves looked really appealing! Tanya
I am eating fruit, well I've tried strawberries grapes cherries and bananas thus far and they are OK, I even had some celery although I thought it tasted strange I'm determined to built on my success and I'm listening to the recording every night  Jamie
I've tried curry and other foods and following your suggestions I didn't gag, I feel more optomistic I can eat more foods although its early days yet Carl

Its working and I'm feeling confident I can do it Glen Williams 

Overcome your food phobia for £19 You can have your copy instantly, go on then...


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