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How to Stop Blushing   NLP & Hypnosis 

  • like to enjoy social events without fear?
  • Improve your self-confidence
  • Stop thinking 'I'm going to go red'
  • How to be cool, calm and collected
  • Other ways that you can help yourself
  • Let go of anxiety even if you blush

How To Stop Blushing; Overcome your Blushing recording from £19

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Stop blushing and start to live your life to the full with Birmingham hypnotherapist self help recordings

Blushing, while quite a common event, has been known to make some people's life a nightmare. Birmingham hypnotherapist Debbie Williams has used her own unique blend of NLP techniques and hypnosis to help people blossom at social events and at work where once excessive blushing stopped them from living life to the full.Learn how to stop blushing with this hypnosis recording.

How To Stop Stop Blushing; Three tracks to help you overcome blushing problems

Help to stop blushing with these three tracks,developed by Debbie to ensure that you achieve the most benefits from her recording. It will help neutralise any negative feelings about blushing. The strategies, once learned, are not only simple to do, but are extremely effective for eliminating the amount of times you blush.

Take back control of your blushing by having your inner ‘thermostat’ reset to a cooler temperature all by itself in whatever situation you may find yourself. You will need to listen to the exercises on stop blushing a few times to create clarity in your mind. View it just like going to the gym, except this time the mind is the muscle you will be working on.

Stop Blushing recording has been developed from years of success with clients who had problems with blushing

While Debbie can't guarantee to stop you from blushing completely, she has had a great deal of success with her clients in this field helping them to stop blushing so often and caring much less about it when they do, freeing them to get on with their lives. It is those skills and tested techniques which she now offers to you on this stop blushing recording. So please feel free to place an order.

How to 'Stop Blushing' ; Our guarantee

In the unlikely event that you do not gain any useful, noticeable benefit by listening to the stop blushing recording, for a month (very often, the benefits come much faster) we are happy to refund your money. It is that simple. So you have everything to gain by ordering your copy now.

Even after the first time of listening to 'Stop Blushing' it made sense: I made things worse by the way I thought about them. I’ve started doing the exercises on the CD and I already feel a lot calmer and really determined to retrain my brain to think in a much more positive way. Marian W

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Gosh, I can see hope from what I've heard on your stop blushing recording. This issue has been with me a long time without anyone really understanding how it affected me, I also bought your Ultimate confidence CD and have been listening to both. I went to the works party and had a brilliant night, but I did plan for it to be good as you suggested not my usual negative worse case movie I always used to play in my mind, and it played out a really good night just as I'd been envisioning whist listening to your trance. Yvonne
Thank you Debbie, I now know how to overcome my distress with blushing, and fear that it will happen when I don't want it, I feel so much more positive and determined it wont hold me back any more, I felt embarrassed by it and that no one would fully understand  the devastating effect it had on me, Your CD felt like you could see inside my mind and I'm not sure what you've done, but I know I feel different, in a good way, much better than I could of imagined . John Vickers
 Hi Debbie,  I realised I had a fear of being judged and thought I didn't match up to other people which is silly as I do have a good job and I am respected. The blushing is happening less and less and I've stopped planning to go red in situations, you knew how I was thinking even before I did, I was skeptical until I heard myself thinking 'Oh no I've got that meeting to go to, I bet I'll blush and feel stupid'' no wonder I would blush everywhere. I see myself walking out of meetings now with a smile that lets me know it went well and this is the result I'm achieving more and more, when I slip up I can unpick what I did and know I can rewrite it to ensure next time it goes better. Onwards and upwards. Please feel free to use this quote and Thank you again Michael Jones 
Hello Debbie. It’s Chris here, you helped me try and cure my blushing troubles about 3 months ago. Just wanted to let you know how things have been since I last saw you. I have been listening to your 'Stop Blushing '' and 'Ultimate Confidence' CD's every day and been practising NLP every day as well, I have achieved an astronomical amount of confidence, I am now doing a bit of speaking on stage in front of around 20 people which is an unbelievable achievement for me.
I can’t thank you enough for all of your support in helping be defeat my blushing and confidence demons, I would seriously recommend you for others with the same issues.
Thanks again for all your help and support.
Regards  C. Hannaway
Being a lawyer I have to do presentations, in which many times I would go beetroot. Since working with you, you have taught me to change my focus out to my audience, rather than to 'go inside'. It's working  and I feel great my confidence is growing with every court appearance. Ty.
I had a test the other day, this friend of my husband whose just split up from his wife started telling me about their sex life. I felt myself going a bit red, then I said to myself, be cool and took a breath and I was fine before I would of been mortified and would of gone bright red. Julie Ann.
Thanks Debbie, you have taught me so much in the short time we have worked together. I realise I did plan to blush but not anymore and even if I do I'm not embarrassed by it. It’s ok and it's been 1 month now and I blush less and less, I use your Cd as backup I love the NLP, I now use it to plan for the best outcome I want in situations.  John.

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